Clarity on career direction

Having worked for a government department for the past 13 years, I had become disillusioned in  the direction I had wanted my career to go. I had no idea what I wanted from my role and had been dealing with supervision who had made my role difficult in the way they were managing the department. 

I had never heard of the services Believe Achieve Coaching and Consulting could offer until a colleague of mine mentioned it to me. I made an appointment to meet Sandra and discuss the issues I had and what I could do to overcome my problems. 

After several sessions, I had a clear plan of what I wanted to achieve in not only my career but how to deal with difficult colleagues in the workplace. The sessions were in depth and brought out solutions to the problems I had been encountering in the workplace. 

I would recommend Believe Achieve Coaching and Consulting to anyone who needs assistance to Achieve the goals in business they want to achieve.

Mike, Public Service
Improving Communication

After having trouble with communication in a new workplace, a family friend recommended I contact Sandra from Believe Achieve Coaching & Consulting to find ways to improve my situation.

Sandra’s assistance and knowledge provided insights into different communication techniques, how to deal with different personality types, and ways to manage work related stress.

Since working with Sandra I feel I have become much better at handling situations at work and changing my communication style to suit my audience.

I would highly recommend Believe Achieve Coaching & Consulting to anyone trying to improve their career situation.


Brett, IT
Creating a Focus

I heard Sandra talk briefly about her professional coaching business Believe Achieve Coaching & Consulting and I thought she came across as capable and credible.  I thought that she might be able to help me develop a framework and focus.

I felt that I gained value from her services.  Sandra helped me become clear on a goal that I am motivated to achieve.  It’s probably a bit early to quantify the results from using Believe Achieve Coaching & Consulting however if I complete the first three tasks in full, I will be 20% more efficient with my time.

I found Sandra to be professional and friendly.  I feel that I have become more goal focussed and moved forward on some key concepts as a result of the coaching.

I think that you need to be aware that you should obtain some professional coaching when you run a business.