Never wish life was easier. Wish that you were better.

Statistics show that up to 70% of employees feel that they aren’t performing to their best.  Is this you?  What is preventing you working at your best?

  • Feeling you aren’t being listened to?
  • Being reprimanded for not consulting enough with stakeholders
  • Not getting the support and back up needed for your projects
  • Knowing the answers but not being trusted to implement the change
  • Too many decision makers or no one prepared to make a decision

As a technical professional you have a focus on developing your technical competence.  You ensure that you have the skills and knowledge to complete the tasks required of you.  If someone needs advice, you are more than happy to provide it. As a result you are considered an expert in your field.  It’s a great achievement but is this enough to be successful?

I have known many technical specialists who find it hard to relate to others.  In fact, they can be completely unaware of the impact that they have on others, such is their dedication to their field.   Many companies accept their shortfalls saying “its just the way they are”.  They therefore expect others to cope and work around the ineffective and inefficient behaviours of these specialists.  Could this be you?  What impact are you having on others?

Today’s technically advanced business world creates challenges that cannot be overcome with current thinking.  Changes in customer requirements, employee needs, technology capability, global economies all impact businesses in new ways.  Many issues require solutions that aren’t yet known.  These solutions will only be found through creative thinking, experimentation, and an openness to other people’s ideas.

Experienced technical experts may not have all the answers in today’s world and this can be quite stressful for some.  They may have a fear of asking for help or admitting they don’t know.  As a result they could end up behaving in ways that are detrimental to the business.   A very different skill set is now needed.  We are moving away from a knowledge based economy where these technical experts thrived towards a thinking based economy where a collaboration of minds is the best way forward.

The word collaboration is commonly used in business and many in business assume that everyone will collaborate effectively.  Unfortunately collaborating with others isn’t a natural ability for many, especially technically focused people.  We need to work hard at it to become comfortable with it.  The good news is that it is a skill that can be developed.  I admit to struggling with this myself and know the challenges people can face with this new way of working.  I also know the benefits of doing it well.

Don’t get me wrong, well developed technical and functional skills are paramount in order to complete your tasks competently. However these skills don’t equip you for the complexities and ambiguities that exist in most businesses and job roles today.

For this we need the ability to genuinely collaborate with others, to have a mindset that is open, curious, and creative, and have an appetite for risk. It’s not just leaders that need these skills, you do too.

Our ability to be effective in business today is largely dependent on having the right mindset.

You want to be best you can be.  You want others to respect and trust your input and your knowledge & experience. You may want a promotion.  All this, and more, is possible for you when you have the right mindset.

How effective is your mindset?  Answer yes or no to these questions to find out

Are you a right fighter?

Do you have all the answers?

Are you uncomfortable with saying no?

Are you uncomfortable admitting you don’t know?

Is status and power important to you?

Do you want a promotion?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will benefit by becoming aware of and improving your mindset.

What if the only thing in your way was you?

We offer either one-on-one or group based programs that focus on you understanding your current state, determining your preferred future and then putting in place a structured program that will deliver the outcomes you want.

You will be supported, challenged, and held accountable throughout the program so that you achieve the improvements you set for yourself.  We won’t do it for you, nor do we expect you to do it on your own. We know that sustained change and improvement will only happen when you do it with us.

The programs help develop strengths and effective strategies for –
  • Stress & Time Management
  • Thriving in a Changing Environment
  • Improving Influence
  • Improving Relationships
  • Self Confidence and Self Esteem
You must do what others don’t to get the results that others won’t.

You already have everything you need to improve and be better.  You just need the opportunity.  The time to create the opportunity is today.

Contact Believe Achieve Coaching & Consulting on 0416 921 233 or email to arrange a time to discuss your needs and whether a Believe Achieve program is suitable for you.