Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

As a leadership coach I help leaders to think and act more resourcefully.

I value integrity in all that I do. I will not breach confidentiality and I will be up front and honest with you at all times. We may discuss things that you don’t openly talk about. You can be assured in the knowledge that this information will remain between us.

I will respect you, your perspectives on life, and your past. Most importantly, I will not judge you. I am keen to work with you to help become better and have a fulfilling career. I respect that you have a different history than I and that you are the expert in your life.

You can hold me accountable for my actions and my services as a leadership coach. I do not promote my services as a get rich quick or a quick fix program. I commit to only using proven and robust coaching techniques, applying the most appropriate to meeting your specific needs. My standard of service will be high as I will continue to maintain my qualifications and understanding of professional coaching through ongoing professional development. I will ensure that our sessions are time and cost effective.

I will not engage in behaviour that causes you to be hurt, intimidated or abused. If you have any concerns in regard to my standards of coaching practice I will listen to your concerns and do what I can to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. I will continually strive to improve my practice and I invite you to provide feedback on my levels of service so that I can.

I commit to forming mutually beneficial partnerships with other coaches and professionals. I believe that a key to my success is by helping others achieve theirs. I will be honest in my marketing material and compete fairly in the marketplace. I will keep honest books and never promote my services in a manner that is dishonest.


“We rise by lifting others.”