Coaching Responsibility

“My Mission is to help companies become great for their employees and their customers.”

My Perspective

  • Clients have all the resources they need to make the changes they want and to reach the goals they aspire to.
  • Clients have always had good intentions at heart
  • Clients are the experts in their life and work
Leadership Coaching
Executive Coaching

My Responsibility

As your coach I will facilitate discovery and insight into your beliefs, assumptions, and blind spots.  I will encourage you to create solutions and strategies to overcome these.  We will work together to help you improve and achieve your goals.

I will use only evidence-based and proven tools and techniques to assist you.

I am not a trained therapist therefore if I think that coaching is not appropriate for you, I will request you speak with your GP who can refer you for appropriate treatment.

My Approach

Executive and Leadership Coaching is not a simple process.  At times the process will challenge you and make you uncomfortable as you discover reality gaps, shortcomings, and insecurities.

You will discover the differences between the facts and your interpretation of them, as well as the disparities between your thoughts, feelings, and actions.  We will explore the concerns and opportunities that are central to your need to improve.

I will provide a safe environment for you to brainstorm and practice new initiatives before presenting them in the real world.  I will act as a sounding board &/or devil’s advocate so that you can find the appropriate course of action.

Your role in achieving improvement is to be an active participant who is willing to experiment and be open to different perspectives.

Organisational Effectiveness