Coaching Philosophy


My pledge to you as a leadership coach is create leaders for the future by transforming how they communicate, execute and innovate.  Your leaders will have the competence and confidence to effectively navigate the complexities of the business environment and deliver results.

Hi.  I am Sandra Booth and I am the principal of Believe Achieve Coaching & Consulting.  I am a leadership coach with 20 years of passion and experience in developing leaders and CEO’s to reach their potential.

Leaders can feel overwhelmed and frustrated in their roles because they lack the skills or confidence to communicate, innovate, and execute effectively.  This can result in poor decision making, poor time management, and failure to meet targets.  A leader in this situation will struggle to maintain their self esteem and end up stressed and burnt out.

Nothing changes until behaviour changes

Why Coaching?

Hiring a leadership coach is a cost effective approach to developing leaders for the future.  As an integral part of any development program, a leadership coach has been shown to result in a 70% increase in the integration of new skills and knowledge. Research has found that the return on investment of a leadership coach is upwards of 500%.

Leadership coaching focuses on encouraging and challenging your leaders to develop their strengths and insight into their beliefs and perceptions that limit their effectiveness.  Insight is a talent that all notable leaders globally possess.  It is well known that functional skills competence accounts for just 15% of a leaders’ success.  The remaining 85% is the result of excellence in how they communicate and relate to others.

Coaching Approach

I use an outcomes orientated approach that will improve your leaders’ effectiveness, productivity and innovation. The programs are based on proven techniques that are simple in design yet require commitment, effort and persistence to complete.


I have a Diploma in Leadership Coaching and a Degree in Psychology & Human Resources Management.  I am also a Certified Human Resource Professional with accreditation with the Australian Human Resources Institute.

For more information call Sandra on 0416 921 233 or email to arrange a free consultation.