Client Responsibilities

Believe Achieve – Client Responsibilities


My Client,

For us to have a productive and enjoyable experience I would like you to agree to the following.



  • Commit to seeing the coaching program through.We will discuss what you want to achieve and I will provide you with an estimate of how long the process will be. At any point if you have concerns, please discuss these with me when they arise.
  • Be open to exploration and discovery. Whilst we will be focused on your future and your improvement, we will need to understand the reasons for your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. We will explore these in order for us both to gain a good understanding of your world.
  • Be willing to be challenged. I will provide an coaching environment that is supportive and engaging. I will challenge your beliefs and perceptions to encourage thought provoking discussion. My intention is for you to discover new ideas and perspectives which you will help you become better.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself.The fact that you are here means that you want to improve. Your past is your past and we cannot change that.  However I believe it provides a solid foundation on which to build a better career and life for you.
  • Be brave. Accept the process will be challenging. Nothing good comes easy – effort and persistence will win through.
  • Be fully present during the coaching session.Please turn off your phone and arrange somewhere private where we can’t be disturbed. Allow yourself 15 minutes to prepare and collect your thoughts before the session.
  • Take responsibility for your past and future. As your leadership coach I will promote and support you achieving your goals but I will take no responsibility or accountability for this.


Thank you for taking this opportunity to discover your potential and make a better future. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.


Dream Big, Work Hard, Believe in Yourself