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Work life balance – what is the future?

Are you available 24/7?  Are you expected to be? Should you be?   At a recent networking event we were asked two questions:- Would you get an implant that enabled ...

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Conversational Intelligence
Conversational Intelligence and the art of Priming

I attended a conference last week.  That isn’t noteworthy in itself except for the big learning I got from it.   You see I experienced first hand the value of ...

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Vision and values
Vision and Values – The heart of business transformation

Whenever I commence a coaching assignment with a business client we start by working on creating the vision and values for the company.  It is common for my clients to ...

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Ladder of Inference
Stepping off the ladder of inference

A company I worked for were creating standard operating procedures for their workshop and site maintenance employees.  A significant contribution had been made by the engineering team in creating the ...

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Change Management
Change change management

I have been thinking about change management and why it fails 50% of the time.   Imagine a yacht sailing around the world.  Whilst they may experience many days of ...

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Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning for groundbreaking results

A common activity in businesses of all sizes is strategic planning.  Every year the senior leadership team and possibly a pool of employees work together to map out the plans, ...

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Communication style
How you can improve your communication style

I met with a client during the week.  We have been spending time lately on his relationships with his team and peers.  He felt that he had a good leadership ...

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How to Engineer Conversations that Deliver

Did you know that up to 70% of your conversations fail to deliver the message or the outcome you expect.   What could this be saying about the way you ...

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Self Awareness
Self Awareness is not a dirty word.

I was talking to a friend yesterday.  I hadn’t spoken to her in a little while and so I asked her how her company was going with the downturn in ...

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