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Forming new habits- how to support in 5 steps

I recently received a flyer promoting a 2 day training program on Consulting Skills.  Now I have nothing against training programs and I believe that when done well they do deliver some value. This program seemed jam packed with tools and techniques for example if you...

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Creative Thinking – it’s child’s play

It’s a sign of the times really.  We have become increasingly busy in our work and private lives.  Talk to anyone and they will lament about how they have no time.  They say they are so busy that they don’t have the chance to be bored. One of my clients believes whole...

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Work life balance – what is the future

Are you available 24/7?  Are you expected to be? Should you be? At a recent networking event we were asked two questions:- Would you get an implant that enabled you to work without needing to sleep....ever? What if your peer got one? Wow, that caused us all to rethink...

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How you can improve your communication style

I met with a client during the week.  We have been spending time lately on his relationships with his team and peers.  He felt that he had a good leadership style and quite an effective communication style.  However he had been given feedback that he didn’t involve...

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Strategic Planning for ground breaking results

A common activity in businesses of all sizes is strategic planning.  Every year the senior leadership team and possibly a pool of employees work together to map out the plans, KPI’s, budgets, and direction for the next 1 – 5 years. But how much of this strategic...

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Change Change Management

I have been thinking about change management and why it fails 50% of the time.   Imagine a yacht sailing around the world.  Whilst they may experience many days of great sailing the crew knows that there will be big storms and windless days to deal with.  However...

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Stepping off the Ladder of Inference

A company I worked for were creating standard operating procedures for their workshop and site maintenance employees.  A significant contribution had been made by the engineering team in creating the documentation.  The project had costed over a hundred thousand...

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Vision and Values: The heart of business transformation

Whenever I commence a coaching assignment with a business client we start by working on creating the vision and values for the company.  It is common for my clients to initially see this process as a waste of time until they get to understand the power that these...

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Conversational Intelligence and the art of Priming

I attended a conference last week.  That isn’t noteworthy in itself except for the big learning I got from it.   You see I experienced first hand the value of priming.   So what is Priming?   It is a technique that is used heavily in Conversational...

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