About Sandra

Executive Coaching

Believe Achieve Coaching & Consulting Story

Believe Achieve grew out of concerns that I had about the future of medium sized industrial organisations and those that worked in them.

I was concerned because these companies often have extraordinary products and services.  They hire extraordinary people who are passionate about the success of the company.

Yet over the past few years something has changed.

As revenue and profits declined, so did the culture with many people saying that they no longer enjoy being at work. Miscommunication, misunderstanding and disengagement seeming to stagnate once great companies.

I want to help companies realise and release the potential in their people so that they become great again in the eyes of their customers.  It is possible.

Believe Achieve was born from this desire.  I can help.



What I Value


Staying true to your values and those of the organisation is something I admire in Leaders.

Weaving your values into every decision and action differentiates the great from rest.


Great leaders know the effort it takes to become and remain exceptional.

I value the persistence, taking risks, and learning from your mistakes in order to become better.


Do you have the courage to stand up for what you believe in?  The courage to challenge?

Great leaders build and maintain a culture that develops rather than silences courage.




People who do what they say they will do and be prepared to speak up when they can’t.

These are the people I want you to have to deliver beyond what your customer expects.


  • Bachelor Applied Chemistry
  • Bachelor Behavioural Science
  • Post Graduate Diploma Adult Education (incomplete)
  • Diploma Leadership Coaching

Relevant Experience

Over 20 years experience in Human Resources Management primarily in mining, manufacturing, engineering services, & utilities.


I’m human too


Good food and a good glass of wine is a fitting way to end a day.  My favourite cuisines being Indian and Middle Eastern.

My Vegie Patch

It’s been a labour of love to create my vegie patch and I am far from calling myself an expert.  My aspiration is to grow most of my fruit and vegie requirements.

A Good Book

My tastes in books is varied and mostly I find I have several books on the go.  As much as I have embraced electronic books and blogs, I do love the feel of a real book.

Great Outdoors

The more remote the place the more I love it.  Give me a swag and a 4WD and I am the happiest person on the planet.  But I will always pack the makings for gourmet feasts and a bottle or two!

I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know me a little better.

I look forward to getting to know you better one day.