Conversational Intelligence ®


Trust is the foundation of a successful company.  Without trust creativity and innovation are stifled as people feel unsafe to contribute their ideas to the conversation due to fear of retribution or reprisal.

Conversational Intelligence builds trust through well structured conversation and self awareness.

Fight & Flight

Our brains are hardwired to look for signals of threat sending us into the fight or flight response. When we perceive threat we shut down our abilty to open up and share what is on our mind.

Convesational Intelligence builds self awareness and the skills to regulate the emotions of others.  It allows the most difficult conversation to have a positive outcome.


Leaders  have the best intentions in regards to the decisions they make and their actions / behaviours. However they are often blind to the impact they have on others causing miscommunication and uncertainty.

Conversational Intelligence helps leaders and executives uncover their blindspots allowing them to engage and communicate with others more effectively.


We do not see what we see but what we think about what we see.

Great companies understand the importance of a shared reality that comes from involving and listening to many about what matters in the company.

Conversational Intelligence develops a common language and rituals that promote sharing and discovery.

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