Your Reality

Doing more with less has worn your people down.

You need to find a new way to run a profitable business.

You know you have to do things differently.

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My Solution

I will challenge your current thinking to unlock new opportunities.

I help you discover a different way forward.

You can achieve a level of greatness you never thought possible.

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My Company

My philosophy is to enable businesses achieve greatness.

I want leaders to be leaders they would follow.

I get to the root causes so that the issues are eliminated for good.

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Why Me?

You want a better future for the business and for your employees.

You understand that your people are your greatest asset.

You know things have to change now.

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The Challenges


Leaders considered "a great leader" by their peers


Current level of employee engagement


Work that requires team input


Failure rate of change initiatives

Now more than ever we need to discover

what our people are truly capable of.

Our Solutions



I focus on building cultures of trust and transparency that encourage healthy debate rather than conlict, and understanding rather than assumption.

Leader Capability

My work will deepen your leader pool by developing leaders who are self aware, resilient and inspiring, enabling them to navigate a complex and uncertain business world.

Team Success

My programs release the latent potential in teams by building the knowledge and skills in how to create collaborative environments and how to effectively resolve conflict.

Super Professionals

I get that not everyone wants to be a leader.  Therefore I offer programs that develop the skills that specialists need to build their credibility and influence.

Nothing fails or succeeds without a conversation

How I work with you

Identify the issues

Before I commence any program I spend time talking with you and your people to understand what the root causes are to your issues.

Develop the strategy

I work closely with you to develop a customised program that aligns with your company direction and values.

Implement the program

I can use coaching, consulting, and / or facilitation to deliver our solutions and maximise benefits.

Return on investment

Together we will agree on the criteria we use to monitor progress and value.

Resistance is greatest when our aspirations are most at risk.

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It’s like healthy eating,

we know that we should do it,

we just need the reason why.

My Recent Blogs

When we know better we do better

What is Conversational Intelligence ®?

Conversational Intelligence ® or C-IQ is a revolutionary approach to leadership and business development.  Based on neuroscience, it focuses on how every conversation has an impact.

Many understand the benefits of Emotional Intelligence which is about awareness of self. It is I-centric. C-IQ is We-centric. It is about learning how to connect, navigate and grow with each other.

In an organisational context mastery of C-IQ opens up people’s minds to inquiry and exploration generating new solutions, products & services.

How does Conversational Intelligence® work?

C-IQ works by regulating the networks and chemistry in the brain which impact your mood, your responses and your thinking.

By mastering conversational intelligence you are able to control and navigate the energy and outcome of even the most difficult conversation through knowing the patterns of conversation that activate the higher level brains and thinking.

What are the benefits of Conversational Intelligence ®?

Conversationally intelligent cultures create safe environments for people to raise and challenge ideas, and talk about difficult things without fear of retribution or judgement.  It builds and sustains trust and relationships which are key to high performing teams and achieving spectacular results.  It opens the door for the conversations that are never had, to be had with candor and care.

You cannot build a space ship on your own

How can I help?

I am confident that you will gain significant benefit from my programs.

I offer a free insight session so you can find out if my services are the right fit.

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