Your Reality

Doing more with less is wearing your people down.

Your people have the technical skills but not the people skills.

There are many conversations that are avoided.

My Solution

I challenge the current mindset to unlock creativity and collaboration.

I enable people to have difficult conversations with courage and candour.

I help companies realise the potential stored in the people.

Why Me?

You want a better future for the business and for your employees.

You understand that your people are your greatest asset.

You know that a healthy culture and trust are fundamental to your business success.

How I work with you

Identify the issues

Before I commence any program I spend time talking with you and your people to understand what the root causes are to your issues.

Develop the strategy

I work closely with you to develop a customised program that aligns with your company direction and values.

Implement the program

I can use coaching, consulting, and / or facilitation to deliver the solutions and maximise benefits.

Return on investment

Together we will agree on the criteria we use to monitor progress and value.

Now more than ever we need to discover

what our people are truly capable of.

The Challenges


Leaders considered "a great leader" by their peers


Current level of employee engagement


CEOs who believe a lack of trust is their greatest concern


Failure rate of change initiatives

Nothing fails or succeeds
without a conversation

“Having had a career in mining, engineering and manufacturing, I have a special interest in helping clients in these fields make a fundamental shift from technical specialist and experts to effective people leaders.

My interests in how the brain works and the impact we have on others means I provide a much deeper understanding of human interaction and communication.

As a former scientist I will use only evidence based processes, tools and frameworks which are proven to facilitate radical and sustainable change.”

Sandra Booth
Believe Achieve Coach

Who I can help

Leader Capability

I work with leaders to be self aware, resilient and inspiring, enabling them to navigate a complex and uncertain business world.

Team Success

I help teams develop strong and trusting relationships by building the knowledge and skills in how to create collaborative environments and how to effectively resolve conflict.


Not every technical specialist wants to become a people leader.  Therefore I offer programs that develop the skills that specialists need to build their credibility and influence.

What they say about me…

Sandra is great to work with!

I met Sandra on a networking event and she immediately provided value, that hasn’t stopped since. She is very good with communication issues and has a great structured way of working with me. I can highly recommend her services

Ronald Colijn

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